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Lineup 11 – How to use the lineup builder

Use the Lineup Builder to select your starting XI and create your football formations to share.

Step 1: Create a lineup

Go to and create the lineup you want to share in your site. Visit our Getting Started page for detailed instructions on how to create lineup.

2. Copy the HTML code

On the right side of the screen you will find the sharing options. Embed the static lineup or embed the builder to allow your visitors to modify the lineup you created.

3. Paste it on your site

Paste the HTML code copied before in your site. If you are using a CMS such as WordPress or Blogger make sure you paste the code in the HTML editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?
Yes. Lineup Builder is FREE for everyone, and has no limits of usage.

Does it work on mobile devices?
Yes! When the visitors of your site open your articles in their smartphones they will see and be able to interact with the lineups just as on their computers.

Why are there three options to share?
Use the first field (“Copy this link to share your team”) if you want to share a link to your lineup. This can be used everywhere: in Facebook, Twitter, an email, Whatsapp, forums, Reddit, an article’s comment, etc.

Use the second field (“Paste HTML to embed in website”) if you want to add your lineup in your website or a post. Your visitors won’t be able to edit the lineup.

Use the third field (“Paste HTML to embed builder in website”) if you want to add your lineup in your website or a post. Your visitors will be able to edit the lineup, move players and share it.

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